Housing Cabinet Recommendations

The Housing Impact Cabinet has a combination of strategies aimed at keeping the City of Oakland diverse while meeting the demand for housing.

How are we going to hit our housing goals by 2024?

A combination of strategies can work together to reach our goals of keeping Oakland diverse and meeting the demand for housing brought about by population and job growth. The Housing Cabinet has recommended the following specific strategies to protect affordability for residents, build new homes in the city, and ensure implementation. We are confident that with focus and careful coordination, Oakland can do this! 


How do the strategies work together to address Oakland’s housing needs? 

There are a variety of ways the recommended strategies work together. Some are dependent on one another for funding. Some create more opportunity for a mix of housing types and income groups to be integrated into neighborhoods in such a way that affordability endures while many people can take advantage of the opportunity and revitalization new investment brings. The diagram below helps bring this vision to life: