The Oakland at Home website features up to date information about the activities of the Housing Impact Cabinet and it strategies to meet the demand for housing in Oakland.

Oakland is facing a housing crisis that is escalating with our region’s population growth and burgeoning economy. With every month come new stories of increased rents and surging home values. We are losing those who make our city wonderful – teachers, artists, musicians, nurses, receptionists, clerks, waiters and other workers – and need to act for change, now. Let’s come together to identify and advance promising strategies that keep Oakland real.

As part of the Oakland Housing Cabinet and recommendations made by A Roadmap Toward Equity, we have recommended ten strategies to protect affordability in 17,000 households for Oaklanders where they currently live, and build 17,000 new homes throughout the city for people of all incomes. 

This website is intended to serve as a reference for people looking at practical ways to solve Oakland's housing crisis.  It has information specific to Oakland, as well as inspiration from other U.S. cities.  

A Roadmap Toward Equity: Housing Solutions for Oakland, California was adopted by City Council in September 2015 as a framework for addressing the housing crisis. Mayor Libby Schaaf saw the report's specific policy objectives as a call to action. Mayor Schaaf set out to create a Housing Cabinet to answer her questions, address the identified priority areas, and develop more specific strategies and resources.

Joining the Housing Cabinet were Council President Lynette Gibson-McElhaney, Coucilmembers Abel Guillen, Dan Kalb, Annie Campbell-Washington and over 100 housing experts, advocates and business leaders. They worked for over six months, volunteering their time, to develop practical solutions to prevent more displacement, improve living conditions, and add to the City’s stock of both affordable and market-rate homes.

Oakland at Home is the culmination of this work detailing the policies that the Housing Cabinet explored and recommendations to get Oakland on a path to house everyone in our community.